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Social Studies


To nurture pupils as informed, concerned and participative citizens who make informed decisions for the benefit of nation and community


At AGPS, we seek to:
  • Ignite pupils’ curiosity and inquire into real-world, global issues that concerns Singapore;
  • Develop pupils’ critical and reflective thinking skills and to appreciate multiple perspectives; and
  • Nurture pupils’ dispositions to show concern for the world they live in and demonstrates empathy in their relationships with others

Pedagogical Approach

Inquiry approach is the pedagogy adopted for the implementation of the Social Studies syllabus. It provides pupils with learning experiences that are engaging and relevant to them as well as equipping pupils with the knowledge, skills and values that would enable them to succeed at becoming effective citizens, professionals and leaders in the 21st century. Through inquiry-based learning, pupils are involved in investigating, inquiring and reflection so that they will better understand the inter-connectedness of the knowledge gained and application in the real world.

Key Programmes

Anchorlites embark on National Education (NE) learning journeys to contextualize their learning experience in an authentic real-world setting. They experience hands-on exploration in a focused area of study, thus being engaged in multi-sensory modes and make connections to the topic being studied. 
The NE Learning Journeys at the different levels are listed in the table below:
Level NE Learning Experience
Primary Four
Singapore River
Primary Five
Little India
Primary Six
Kampong Glam

P4 to P6 Learning Journeys

P4 to P6 Learning Journeys.jpg

Social Studies Lessons

Collaborative discussion on a given topic.jpg
Engaged in collaborative discussion on a given topic

Map reading time.jpg
Map reading time!
Sequenced the timeline for Ancient Civilisation.jpg
We sequenced the timeline for Ancient Civilisation!