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News & Updates

Thank You 'Cher Gratitude Portal

Students and parents of AGPS, you can post your Teacher’s Day messages through this portal,

Happy Teacher’s Day to all our AGPS teachers.

Enjoy the holiday.

AGPS e-Open House 2020


Take a virtual tour of our school and discover the various programmes that we have for our students!


Keeping Singapore Dengue-Free

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

In our national efforts to keep Singapore Dengue free, pls ensure stagnant water is removed by

a)  Turning the pail
b)  Tipping the vase
c)  Flipping the flower pot base
d)  Loosening hardened soil
e)  Covering bamboo pole holders when not in use
f)   Clearing the roof gutter and placing Bti insecticide

You are encouraged to use the Protect and Check Checklist  and submit the checklist at after you have completed the checks at home to receive a NEA Captain Green sticker pack created for messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram.  You may also view NEA’s videos on Dengue prevention at the following links; and

Together, let’s play our part in keeping Singapore Dengue free!

Group Personal Accident Insurance

The school’s group insurer for 2020 is NTUC Income Insurance Co-Operative Limited. Every pupil is covered for mishaps that may occur during school activities and or co-curricular activities both in and out of the school.  Details pertaining to the GPA Insurance Plan for Students can be found on NTUC Income’s website at

No Parking Zone within the School Carpark

The school’s carpark is a no parking zone for parents and visitors.  Parents can park at either multi-story carparks located at Blk 306 or Blk 308 and to obtain a Visitors Pass at the school’s security booth before entering the school to transact with staff.

Restriction on Food Items in Class

For the health and safety of our pupils with food allergies, the school will not allow any food items to be brought to class for sharing. Parents are reminded not to bring any food to the school for birthday celebrations as this is strictly prohibited.

Traffic Movement along the Service Road

The service road adjacent to Side Gate 3 is a one lane road.  It is therefore, unsafe for parents to stop their vehicles and allow their children to alight from the vehicles in the morning as there is oncoming traffic.  Parents are to alight their children at the drop-off points at Blk 307 so as to enable the children to walk along the void deck to the zebra-crossing where road wardens will guide your children to Side Gate 3.

Traffic Movement within the School

The morning drop-off point for vehicular traffic is along the bus-bay. To avoid a long tail back of traffic, parents are encouraged to ensure that your child is ready to disembark safely at the designated drop-off point.  For the safety of your child, parents are reminded not to double-park when your child is disembarking. All drivers must observe the speed limit of 15km/h or less when driving within the school compound.

Road Safety

LTA has implemented the “40 km/h When Lights Flash” (WLF) sign and traffic light along Anchorvale Drive before the traffic pedestrian crossing. Parents are reminded to be alert and reduce travelling speeds to 40 km/h and below when entering the School Zone for the safety of all pupils.

Parents Gateway

The Parents Gateway is a one-stop mobile app for parents that allows schools to update parents on programmes and activities, as well as provides a platform for performing administrative matters, like giving consent for their children’s participation in school activities. A two-minute video clip is available on the school’s website for parents to understand the rationale of the Parents Gateway and how to download and use the app.

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