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Mother Tongue


The Mother Tongue Department focuses on building the pupils’ foundation in listening and speaking the language, as well as, being conversant in their Mother Tongue language when speaking to others in the early years in the school.

At the Upper Primary levels, the school’s focus is to develop the pupils competency in reading, writing and oral aspects of the Mother Tongue language, as well as situational writing skills.


To develop pupils into confident, collaborative and curious learners using their own mother tongue languages.

Department Activities
1. Key Programmes
    P1: Word Games
    P2: Speech and Drama (T1 &T2)
    P3: Digital Book Making 
    P4: MT Cultural Camp (T2)
    P5: Drama Appreciation(CL)
    P6: Evideo Lesson Study Package
2. Mother Tongue Fortnight Activities (T2)
    Theme for P1: Festivals
    Theme for P2: Food
    Theme for P3: Art
    Theme for P4: Music
    Theme for P5: Martial Arts
    Theme for P6: Traditional Games

3. Reading Programme

4. Conversational Malay and Chinese Courses
    P3: Beginners and Basic Courses (T1 & T2)

Useful Websites

Chinese Language

a. P3-P6 iMTL Portal iMTL乐学善用互动平台
        Website: https://imtl.moe.edu.sg
b. Xue Le 学乐
c. MConline
        Website: https://www.mconline.sg

Malay Language

Tamil Language