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English Language


A Community of Confident and Competent English Learners


  • To nurture confident and effective communicators with the love for reading
  • The department strives to build a strong foundation of the pupils’ language through rich language learning and equipping them with the receptive skills (listening, reading and viewing), productive skills (speaking, writing and representing) and knowledge about language (grammar and vocabulary).

Pedagogy Approaches

The school adopts STELLAR (Strategies for English Language Learning And Reading) in the teaching of English Language from Primary 1 to Primary 6 and supplements it with our own school-based packages. STELLAR aims to strengthen children’s language and reading skills while promoting a positive attitude towards learning using strategies and age-appropriate materials to engage children in the learning of English.

Key Programmes

MOE Support Programmes
Primary 1 and Primary 2 Learning Support Programme (LSP)
Primary 3 and Primary 4
School-based Dyslexia Programme (SDR)
Reading Remediation Programme (RRP)

School-Wide Programmes
All Levels StarLit
Speak Good English @ AGPS

Lower Primary Programmes
Primary 1 and Primary 3 Speech and Drama

Speech and Drama

The Speech and Drama programme is designed with an aim to develop our pupils into confident and effective communicators. The programme provides Primary 1 to Primary 3 pupils with the platform to explore rhythm, expression and voice projection during curriculum hours. The lessons culminate in a grand showcase at the end of the programme at Primary 1 and Primary 2.

English Speech and Drama.jpg
StarLit aims to instil in pupils the love for reading by encouraging them to read a variety of books. Pupils will be able to reap the benefits of reading and develop the awareness of the relevance of stories to life.

English StarLit.png

Speak Good English @ AGPS

Speak Good English @ AGPS aims to promote a culture of good communication through Golden Nuggets and Word of the Week.

Speak Good English (1).jpg

Golden Nuggets
To encourage good communication and the use of Standard English, common mistakes in our everyday conversations are highlighted and the correct usage of the language is presented.

Speak Good English (2).jpg

Word of the Week (WoW)
Pupils are encouraged to learn and use a new word each week.