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Stall No. 4: Vegetarian Food Stall

Seat Meal Concept: Rice / Noodles + Vegetables + Fruit

Serving Sizes: Small ($1.00)    Medium ($1.50)    Large ($1.80)


Set Monday
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
A Vegetarian Sin Chow Bee Hoon
Vegetarian Fried Carrot Cake
Vegetarian Char Kway Teow
Vegetarian Thai Fried Rice
Vegetarian Hokkien Mee
B Vegetarian Cream of Mushroom
Vegetarian Hong Kong Noodles
Vegetarian Cheese & Chicken Burger
Vegetarian Spaghetti with Minced Chicken Vegetarian Penang Kway Teow
C Vegetarian Chicken Chop
with Tomato Sauce
Vegetarian Chicken Rice
Vegetarian Sweet & Sour Chicken Rice
Vegetarian Chicken Chop with Potatoes
Vegetarian Curry Chicken
D Vegetarian Mixed Vegetables with Steamed Egg & Rice
Vegetarian Vegetables & Rice
Vegetarian Mushroom Vegetables with Foo Yong Egg & Rice
Vegetarian Vegetables with Tang Hoon, Chye Poh Toufu & Rice
Vegetarian Baked Beans with Potatoes, Long Beans, Egg & Rice

Info correct as of 3 Feb 2019