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Arts Education at AGPS, a.k.a. A.G.P.S. Arts (Aspire, Grow, Passion and Serve through the Arts) plays an integral part in the Holistic Education of Each Child; by which achievement in Arts is part of the broader definition of success of each individual.

The school’s vision from A.G.P.S. Arts is to develop every Anchorlite to be a Lifelong Learner and a Lifelong Advocate of the Arts by building upon our pupils' knowledge, skills and love for the arts, nurturing their creative expressions, enriching their social, cultural and heritage awareness and growing them to be confident, critical and creative learners and active contributors to society through a wide spectrum of arts platforms.


We aim to have our Anchorlites be developed as Lifelong Learners and Lifelong Advocate of the Arts who:

  1. See inter-relationships among ideas, adapt, generate and create new ideas and products
  2. Are encouraged to express their thoughts, form opinions and appreciate differing perspectives
  3. Have an overall development of social skills (value diversity in ideas, confidence building)
  4. Foster appreciation of Singapore cultural heritage
  5. Strengthen understanding of own national identity and ethnic culture

Pedagogy Approaches

Pedagogical approaches and strategies selected develop each pupil in the appreciation of the Arts through the structured learning of the elements of art/music by direct experiences in listening, creating and performing music or seeing, expressing and appreciating art via an age appropriate, broad based 6 year arts experience programme that uses student centric pedagogical approach in teaching and learning. 

These include:

  1. Kodaly
  2. Dalcroze Eurhythmics
  3. Orff Schulwerk
  4. Inquiry-based Approach involving visible Thinking (eg. See, Think, Wonder; Circle of viewpoints)

Key Programmes

The experiences extend from the school’s art and music curriculum as an exposure for all, to Anchorlites who are passionate in the arts and those in Performing and Visual Arts CCAs.

A.G.P.S. Arts Programme

includes a wide range of experiences in the Arts that comprises the following areas:

  1. A - AWARENESS of and APPRECIATION in the Arts
  2. G - Personal GROWTH: Talent identification and development; strengthening of positive character values (School values of Respect, Integrity, Confidence, Excellence); nurturing leaders
  3. P - PASSION for the Arts: Arts Advocates (Performers/Presenters and/or Audience)
  4. S - Heart to SERVE: Community Outreach through the Arts

A.G.P.S. Arts Programme 

Adopts a values-driven, student-centric and Engage & Experience-Excite-Enrich Approach that aims to create a vibrant arts culture that provides pupils with the opportunity to develop his potential in the arts, develop his positive character and values and groom his leadership competencies so that he may grow to be a Lifelong Learner and Lifelong Advocate of the Arts. 

Arts platforms that support to this end include Say It Art Loud!, Everyone Can Perform!,Unplugged Fridays and the month long celebration of the arts, Music & Art Celebrate! (MAC!). 




(Arts Appreciation Series @AGPS) 

(Learning Journeys)

For All Anchorlites

  • Art Curriculum 
  • Music Curriculum 

  • Art Curriculum (Think It Art Loud, Talk It Art Loud!)
  • Music Curriculum (group performances) 
  • NAC Assembly Programmes
  • Music and Art Celebrate!
  • Everyone Can Perform!

For Anchorlites Passionate in the Arts

As above, in addition, 

  • Music and Art Celebrate!

  • Performing and Visual Arts CCAs 
  • Unplugged Fridays
  • Art Exhibitions
  • Give back to community through VIA activities such as performances, teaching seniors an arts activity, combine-with- community efforts in arts making

  • Performing and Visual Arts CCAs 
    • Art Club
    • Choir
    • Drama Club
    • Festive Drums
    • Guzheng
    • Modern Dance

For Anchorlites with Arts Potential

As above

As above, in addition,

  • Say It Art Loud! 
  • Art Exhibitions 
  • SYF Arts Presentation in: 
    • Art 
    • Choir 
    • Guzheng 
    • Modern Dance 

As above, in addition,

  • Department-organised Learning Journeys for Anchorlites with Arts Potential and those in Performing and visual Arts CCAs 

Say It Art Loud!

Say It Art Loud! is a platform for Anchorlites to showcase their artistic talents and share their ideas, thoughts, opinions and perspectives with fellow Anchorlites clearly and confidently during Assembly.

Everyone Can Perform!

A first-time instrument playing stage experience for many Anchorlites, Everyone Can Perform! is a platform for every Anchorlite to have the opportunity to perform as a class a song, handchimes or ukulele piece amongst others, learnt during the music curriculum to be shared with others at assembly. Each class representative shares the class’s sentiments on at least one character value or competency they developed and the interesting fact they would like to share with their friends about their piece.

Unplugged Fridays 

Unplugged Fridays is an informal Performing Arts platform for pupils and family members, as well as AGPS staff. Held on Fridays from 7.25 a.m. to 7.35 a.m., anyone who would like to share their passion in anything performance, be it rapping, beatboxing, singing, dancing or playing music instruments is most welcomed! To join in as part of family fun with the rest of school, please have your child collect an application form available at Ms Loraine Ong’s locker.

Music and Art Celebrate!

A month-long celebration of all Performing and Visual Arts at AGPS involving assembly programmes, curriculum sessions, pre-assembly programmes, recess activities, art exhibitions and excursions. Arts is for Everyone!

Through the opportunities of learning and engagement in the Arts, A.G.P.S. Arts Programme strives to Nurture Talents, Develop Character and Groom pupils to be Leaders so that Anchorlites can contribute to the community, in line with the school motto of Aspire, Grow and Serve.