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Tier 2: Learning Opportunities for a Targeted Group

The objective of the following platforms is to ensure that our passionate environment activists are able to be given opportunities for be adequately challenged to sustain their passion for the environment.

Pupils Involved Programme
Environmental Innovation Club members
  • Exposure to more innovative ways the local and global environment activists have undertaken to combat climate change.
  • Lead in environmental events such as Youth for Environment Day.
  • Ambassadors to external environmental events to be inspired by the innovation shown by other environment activists
Sengkang Wetlands facilitators
(selected P4 pupils)
  • Lead kindergarten pupils on a trail at Sengkang Wetlands.
  • Teach the pupils on appreciating and ways to care for the environment.
Environmental Champions
(2 per class)
  • Trained in the beginning of the year to be environmental representatives.
  • Spread awareness of environmental programmes or events.
Inter-generation Learning Programme
(1 P5 class)
  • To choose a skill that involves creating an awareness of an environment issue or initiative.
  • Serve the school by sharing and educating senior citizens on the green initiative.