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Tier 1: Learning Opportunities for All (P1 - P6)

AGPS is committed to helping all the pupils develop a life-long interest in gaining knowledge about the environment through inquiry, investigation and experimentation in the infusion across subject disciplines.

Key Concept Level Programmes
Experience P1 Water Education Learning Package
Integration with English STELLAR. Through the hands-on learning experience of investigation, pupils will learn that water can be recycled and reused and that water is precious.
Adopt a Plot
As their VIA, pupils are given a plot in the Anchor Glade or Anchor Grove to water daily in order to act on their pledge to save the environment.
P2 Water Education Learning Package
Integration with English STELLAR, pupils will create rain gauges from recycled bottles to track the amount of rainfall in school. From this, they will then observe and discuss about the impacts of rainfall.
Plant a Tree
In commemoration of Green Wave Day, pupils will continue to add diversity to the plants in Anchor Grove through planting.
Lead P3 Love Your Food @ AGPS
In integration with IPW, pupils learn how to combat food waste and experience food recycling.
Digital Trail
Integration with Science, a digital trail is carried out for pupils to learn more and apply their learning. Pupils answer questions based on the information in the Environment Edu Gallery, Water Edu Gallery, Anchor Glade and Anchor Grove.
P4 Project Buddy Clean
Pupils will be trained to lead P2 pupils in the proper ways of cleaning the classrooms. With the integration of IPW, pupils will then learn to be emphatic to the cleaners by having an in-sight to what they do daily in the school and carry out acts of appreciation towards the cleaners daily.
Apply P5 Water Education H.E.R.O. Card
Integration with Science on the theme of Water, pupils will be given a task card with a variety of activities to be done. These activities allows pupils to explore, learn, create and apply their knowledge into real-life experiences.
P6 Climate Change Articles
Integration with Science topic of Man’s Impact on the Environment, pupils will be given news articles on current environment issues. Pupils will use their knowledge that they have acquired over the years in AGPS and to discuss and apply their learning in coming up with a simple solution to combat one effect of climate change.