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External Partnerships

With the emphasis on building partnerships in our education system, our school recognises the importance of community ties to a student’s holistic education. It is not only essential for our pupils to have the knowledge from books, but also able to apply their learning when they enter the workforce. Finding meaning to the knowledge will only help them understand and enjoy learning.

In Anchor Green Primary School, we believe in creating a mutually supportive relationship in which both the partners and our school commit to specific goals and activities that benefits the pupils. We hope to tap on the strengths of our supportive partners, in order to enhance the capabilities and well-being of each pupil.

In creating partnerships with other schools, external agencies and/ or community services, we aim to ensure:

(a)  The school is able to partner the various organizations with a clear purpose. With this purpose, both parties will work out an organised and systematic plan to achieve the goals.

(b)  The school will be actively involved in supporting and promoting the initiatives led by the organizations.

(c)  The school is able to honour, recognise and share success of the contributions of the organizations.

(d)  The school is able to create a welcoming and inviting culture to attract organizations.