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AGPS Partnership Framework



To nurture partnerships that enhances and supports the community of gracious and aspiring learners through collaborations, experiences and community involvement.

Principles of Partnership:

1. Purpose: 
To have a common purpose between school and partners. It is important to remember the purpose of how partners can help improve pupils’ holistic development.
2. Trust: 
To brainstorm and design a partnership protocol with school and partners, which includes reflecting on the vision, mission and processes in the partnership.
3. Commitment: 
To each other’s goals. Both school and partners have to ensure that actions are taken to ensure purposeful and sustainability of the project.
4. Open to feedback: 
Good communication allows school and partners to be open to improvement which can be made after or during the project. Successful communication will ensure sustainability of the partner.

Areas of partnership:

  1. Support programmes
  2. Share expertise and networks
  3. Provide inputs on improving school programmes/ innovations/ policies