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Parent Support Group

Parent Support Group Intake for 2016

A letter was given out in mid-October to invite parents to join our PSG family. as a PSG member, you will
-be actively involved in decision making and support of selected school programmes
-gain deeper insights into how programmes are formulated for the benefits of your children
-build support and networks through friendships with other members and 
-own a special AGPS PSG card for members

If you have missed out on the letter but are interested to join PSG, you may call the General Office at 68861356 or email Mdm Wani at siti_hazwani_mustaph@moe.edu.sg to register your interest to join our family. We look forward to working with you in making the school a better place for the pupils!

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Building on Trust, Partnering as One

3 important aspects on a child’s growth need to support each other. Home, school and community. Influences from these 3 aspects will create a better learning and growing environment for the child.

Our Vision

  • “Every Parent, a Supportive Partner” 
  • We aim to support and collaborate actively to the school’s activities, which provide a holistic growing environment for the children. 




  • Provide support for the activities conducted by the school that enhance pupils’ welfare and growth. 
  • Collaborate on activities that enrich pupils’ learning. 
  • Support other parents in understanding their children’s academics or behaviour. 

Examples of duties

  • Training of Parent Volunteers for P1 Water Education Package 
  • Morning/Dismissal Traffic Duty 
  • Reading program 
  • Lower and Upper Primary Sport’s Day 
  • Lifeskills program 
  • Art gallery collaboration 
  • SG50 activity 
  • Green Club Recycling Program 
  • Science Challenge 
  • Morning Aesthetic Performances 

Our Exco members