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Singapore Youth Festival 2017

Life’s Beautiful: Walk, Run, Cycle

Our heartiest congratulations to Faithmaria Ifeoma McKevin Lawrence of P6 Respect for winning 1st prize for the ‘Life’s Beautiful: Walk, Cycle, Ride’ Art Competition organised by Cheng San-Seletar GROs. Her artwork will be featured on Beautex tissue boxes. Well done, Faith!

My Army Idol

‘My Army Idol’ Art competition organised by Army Open House 2017 team encouraged our pupils to show support to the core pillar of our nation’s defence, our army. Pupils had to illustrate who their army idol was and why he/she was special to them.

Kuddos to Vanessa Tjia of P4 Confidence for winning the 3rd prize for ‘My Army Idol’ Art Competition organised by the Army Open house 2017. 

We would also like to congratulate Lanissa Mirelle Moktan of Primary 3 Excellence and Chua Xin Yi from P6 Confidence for winning the commdation prize for this competition. Well done Anchorlites!

Singapore Youth Festival 2017

The Singapore Youth Festival is a biennial event in Singapore organised by MOE to celebrate the achievements of youths in CCAs. Our young artist, ranging from P2 to P6 mostly from Art Club, participated and submitted an artwork each under their respective category to the theme “Artist and Space”.

We would like to extend our warmest congratulations to our Category C (Primary 5 and Primary 6) artists for qualifying in having their artwork featured at the SYF Art Exhibition. This exhibition which will be held at the *SCAPE The Ground Theatre 6th -16th July. All are welcomed to view the exhibition

Artists of SYF Category C

Xu Jingyi (5E)

Choy Qi Ying (6E)

Emyr Naufal Bin Rozaimi (5A)

Lim Hwei Shuean (6E)

Sam Hong Yi (6A)

Tham Yin Leng Megan (6E)

Halimatus Sa’adiah Puteri (6R)

Mohamed Khairul Hamizan (6I)

Syeda Aliza Nadir (6R)

Liu Keren (6C)