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CCA Updates

CCA Registration and Updates (2016)






13 Jan (Wed)

CCA Fair for pupils



20 Jan (Wed) & 27 Jan (Wed)

CCA Trials*

Various CCA locations


27 Jan (Wed, 5p.m. onwards)
29 Jan (Fri, 11p.m.)

CCA Online Registration

MC Online

 * Please click on MC Online to access MC Online.

Timeline for CCA Online Registration 2016 (MC Online)


Target Pupils

Period of Registration

Results of CCA Allocation

Phase 1

P4 cohort

27 Jan (Wed, 5p.m.) to  29 Jan (Fri, 11p.m.)

School Website and class announcement from        2 Feb, Tue

Phase 2

Unsuccessful applicants for Phase 1

3 Feb (Wed, 5p.m.) to     5 Feb (Fri, 11p.m.)

School Website and class announcement from        10 Feb, Wed

Online Registration (Choices):

1.     All pupils will indicate their 3 preferred choices (1st Preferred Choice, 2nd Preferred Choice and 3rd Preferred Choice).

2.     All pupils are required to rank and fill up all 3 preferred choices.

3.     All choices MUST be different


No Internet access

This year, the CCA registration will be conducted online this year. For pupils who do not have internet access, hard copies of the CCA Registration Forms will be made available to the pupils by their Form Teachers. All hard copies MUST be returned to the Form Teachers before the closing dates of each CCA registration phase.


Acknowledgement Letter

An Acknowledgement Letter stating the CCA allocated to the pupil will be provided at the close of each phase. These letters MUST be returned to the General Office with a parent’s/ guardian’s signature by the deadline stated.