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HBL Info

In light of the recent developments in the pandemic situation, schools will be switching to full Home-Based Learning (HBL) from this Wednesday, 19 May. Students will continue to receive instructions and support from the school so that learning can take place meaningfully. By providing students opportunities to engage in self-directed learning, HBL aims to nurture them into lifelong learners. 

The Student’s Guide is part of the school’s efforts to encourage students to take ownership of their own learning and become more adaptable, gracious, passionate and self-directed through this HBL journey. The form teachers have already gone through the Student Guide with your child/ward so that he/she is clear of the expectations of HBL and his/her roles and responsibilities. Students are encouraged to structure their learning by following the HBL Class Timetable that will be posted on SLS and the Daily Schedule found in the Student’s Guide. This guide also provides troubleshooting tips and useful contact points should your child/ward face any difficulties during their HBL.

Our teachers will provide the necessary support to you and your child/ward. If you have further queries, please contact your child’s/ward’s Form Teachers. Their email addresses can be found in the Student’s Handbook 2021 pages 33 to 35 or on the school website.