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Collaborating with Singapore Heart Foundation; Serving the Community

School motto Aspire Grow and Serve

Singapore Heart Foundation (SHF) is an important stakeholder in Anchor Green in terms of health promotion. We have been in collaboration since 2012. Together with SHF, Anchor Green has adopted the Blood Pressure (BP) Initiative at Schools programme which was to cultivate holistic heart health habits in our children today. The pupils not only learnt about healthy heart habits but also learnt to use the BP monitors. After this one hour learning, they would bring the BP monitors home to measure their family’s BP and in turn making them aware of having a healthy heart. As our school firmly believes in serving the community, we have decided to extend our pupils learning by volunteering to do a community outreach so as to educate the residents living in and around Sengkang. The outreach also coincides with World Heart Day and we have been doing so since 2012. Finding a place to do the outreach was not easy with a couple of possible venues turning us down. Fortunately, Anchorvale Communitiy Club and Singapore Sports Council in Sengkang were kind enough to allow us to do the outreach at their premise.

pupils taking blood pressure from a member of the public.jpg

Our pupils taking blood pressure from a member of the public.

Our pupils doing their ‘job’ diligently.jpg

Our pupils doing their ‘job’ diligently.

One big happy Blood Pressure Family.jpg

One big happy Blood Pressure Family.