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Speak Good English@AGPS

Speak Good English @ AGPS aims to promote a culture of good communication through Golden Nuggets, PESA Fiesta and Spellbound. 

Golden Nuggets

To encourage good communication and the use of Standard English, short skits are put up to highlight the common mistakes in our everyday conversations and the correct use of it. Golden Nuggets not only encourages the school to use good English in our conversations, but also provides a platform for our pupils to practise their public speaking skills. 


PESA Fiesta

To showcase good public speaking skills and enhance confidence, the school’s public speaking competition, PESA Fiesta, is conducted for Primary 3, 4 and 5 pupils. Pupils get the opportunity to watch and learn from their proficient peers who use this platform to share their views on a given topic.

PESA Fiesta.jpg


The school’s spelling competition, Spellbound, allows pupils the opportunity to test their spelling skills and compete against their peers by spelling commonly misspelt words aloud in front of an audience. This competition aims to build confidence, an awareness of the importance of spelling correctly and more importantly, to excite our pupils about the English language and develop a love for it.


Amanda Tan deliverying her speech during the Preliminary Round