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Welfare & Safety

Pupil Welfare
1. Financial Assistance
  • Remission of School Fees
    Pupils may apply for Remission of School Fees or Half-payment of Miscellaneous Fees on grounds of financial hardship. Approval will be based on criteria set by the Ministry Of Education. 

2. Counselling for Pupils
  • Pupils with academic or behavioural problems will be referred to the Case Management Team (CMT). The team members will work out the specific procedures to adopt with regard to each case. Parent’s consent will be sought prior to the referral to Educational Psychologist (EP) to take up the case. 

3. Presonal Responsibility
  • We hope to personal responsibility in our pupils to take care of their own belongings and therefore seek your support in reinforcing the message. 

4. Library
  • The library is located on the ground floor. Pupils are encouraged to frequent the library and take full advantage of the facilities. Library activities will also be organised to cultivate the love for reading. 

5. Enrichment / Remedial Lessons
  • Pupils may be identified by their teachers to stay in school for extra lessons after school hours. Parents are advised to give their full support by ensuring that their children attend these lessons. 

7. Parents' Support
The school seeks the support of parents in:
  • supervising their children’s homework and ensuring that all assignments are completed and submitted on time. 
  • signing the handbook to acknowledge that all assignments are completed. 
  • ensuring that their children attend regularly all supplementary /remedial and ENABLE lessons, CCAs and enrichment programmes organised by the school. 

8. Insurance Coverage for Pupils
  • All pupils will be covered for accidents that may occur under the school purchase insurance policy. Please call the school for more information when the need arises. 

9. School Policies
  • The school has adopted a ‘No Weekend Written Homework’ policy for all its pupils. The dual objectives are to allow our pupils to enjoy their weekends with their family and provide space and time for parents to think of innovative ways to teach and engage their children. 
  • A Mother Tongue Handbook will be issued to all pupils. Pupils are required to bring their Mother Tongue Folder for their lessons.

Pupil Safety

1. Advice for Pupils in the Morning Session
  • As soon as pupils arrive in the school, they must go directly to the School Hall for Silent Reading and morning assembly. 
  • For security reasons, pupils can only enter the classrooms after the flag-raising ceremony in the presence of their teachers. This means that classroom duties must not be carried out before the flag-raising ceremony. 
  • Female pupils are advised to go to the toilet in pairs (before school starts). 

2. Visitors to the School
  • Unauthorised visitors are not allowed into the school. 
  • Parents who wish to see their children or staff members of the school must go to the General Office to obtain a visitor pass first. Parents must first produce their identity cards for identification purposes. 
  • Parents / guardians are to be properly attired when they are in the school premises. 

3. Entry / Exit Points
  • Pupils walking to school are only allowed to use the Side Gates 1 and 2 in front of the school. 

4. Pupils Travelling in Private Vehicles
  • Pupils commuting to school in private vehicles will alight along Anchorvale Drive and walk into the school through Side Gate A. 

5. Consent Forms
  • Prior to a pupil participating in any special programmes such as excursions / field trips, it is necessary for the parent/guardian to sign and return the Consent Form showing his/her consent. This is only valid when it carries the signature of both the teacher-in-charge and parent/guardian. 

6. Emergency Evacuation
  • As a precaution against fire and other emergencies, regular drills are held. 
  • The signal for the drill is the continuous ringing of the school siren for at least one minute. During a power failure, a megaphone will be used. 
  • When the alarm is heard, all pupils are to quickly assemble outside their classrooms in two rows and walk briskly down the nearest staircases to the open field. If a pupil happens to be in the toilet, he/she should proceed to the field by the shortest route as soon as possible. 

7. Leaving School Premises
  • Pupils are not allowed to leave the school premises without approval from the General Office. Pupils must be accompanied by a family member/guardian. Family member/guardian must sign out at the General Office before leaving the school premises with the child.