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International Friendship Day 2017

AGPS commemorated International Friendship Day (IFD) on 4 April and this year’s theme is “ASEAN 50”. 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the formation of ASEAN and we celebrate the successful collaboration between the ASEAN members in bringing about economic growth and social, cultural progress throughout the region.  

Our pupils were treated to a wide array of activities to help them understand the importance of ASEAN and how Singapore has actively contributed towards the success of the organisation. The assembly programme provided all pupils with an overview of ASEAN, as an organisation, and we were treated to a visual display as the International Students in AGPS collaborated with some P6 pupils to put up a dance for the school! Classroom activities were conducted for the respective levels to help them understand the significance of IFD and the need for Singapore to continue to maintain good relations with other nations. 
In addition, pupils from two International Schools – 28 pupils from Overseas Family School (a local International School based in Singapore) and 20 pupils from Speak First School (an Indonesian school) visited AGPS on 7 April. This programme supports the objectives of IFD and enables our pupils to develop an awareness and understanding of other cultures. Some of our Primary 4 and 5 pupils played host to these international pupils. Our guests were invited to join their AGPS buddies in their respective classes so as to have an understanding of the learning experience that our local pupils go through. 

Icons of ASEAN.jpg

Icons of ASEAN

Look at our ‘flower bangles’!.jpg

Look at our ‘flower bangles’!

PSG Members at the Flower-Tying Booth.jpg

PSG Members at the Flower-Tying Booth

PSG Members at the Flower-Tying Booth pic 2.jpg

Origami Fun!.JPG

Origami Fun!

Classroom Activity – Respecting Our ASEAN Neighbours.jpg

Classroom Activity – Respecting Our ASEAN Neighbours

Happy International Friendship Day!.jpg

Happy International Friendship Day!

Happy International Friendship Day! pic 2.jpg