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Our Crest & Motto

Our school logo embodies an anchor encased by a blue arc on top and a green arc at the bottom. The anchor symbolizes stability and well-grounded hope. Just as the anchor remains firm and steady amidst stormy waters, we want every pupil in Anchor Green to be resilient and grow in character.

The ring of the anchor is illustrated as a child with outstretched arms which symbolizes a balanced and holistic education. The two flukes represent family and school. As the flukes secure a vessel at sea, here at Anchor Green, the school and family forge a stable partnership, to bring out the best in every pupil and ground him in values.

The anchor is cocooned by 2 subtended arcs. The green arc at the bottom represents every Anchor Green pupil’s commitment to save and protect the environment. The blue arc on top represents Anchor Green pupil’s commitment to the global community. The entire logo tilted at an axis symbolizes creativity and innovation.


Aspire Grow Serve


In Anchor Green, we believe that every INDIVIDUAL
  • wants to learn when opportunities are given
  • has the potential to learn and develop to his/her fullest potential
  • learns better in a happy and nurturing environment
  • can be taught good values and habits
  • can achieve all round development