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NE Reflections

Reflections from AGPS pupils:

“ I love Singapore because our nation’s flag is beautiful like a butterfly which makes me proud to be a Singaporean. Our country is clean and green. What is most important to remember was the time when Singapore was poor before, but we did not give up fighting. That’s what I call confidence. In 1965 we gained independence. Now we are a peaceful country. That is why I am so proud to be a Singaporean and love this country very much .”

By Matilda Mag

Primary 2 Dynamic

“ I love Singapore because it is a safe and wonderful place. It is also very clean .”

By Damian Liew

Primary 2 Ace

“ I love Singapore . The food here is delicious! There are four different races and we can live in harmony and in peace. .”

By Ng Hui Wen

Primary 2 Champion

” I LOVE Singapore because she

  • is multi-racial 
  • her economy is good 
  • is a safe palce to live in 
  • is clean and green 
  • has protected us for years 
  • has many fantastic and interesting places 
  • has given us a lot of love 
  • has taken good care of us 
  • makes us very happy 
  • is always safe and sound 
  • is like a friend to us 

By Keloth Sonia Nair

Primary 4 Ace