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Student Leadership


To foster a community of student leaders who Aspire with Confidence , Lead with Virtues and Serve with Humility .


  • Nurture leaders with a sense of pride and identity. 
  • Develop leaders with good characters who make wise choices rooted in good values. 
  • Groom leaders who are self-directed in his/her learning and contribute actively to the community


Student Leadership Framework

Student Leadership Framework.jpg
A tiered approach to Student Leadership, rooted in the core values of
Respect, Integrity, Confidence and Excellence. Student leaders develop skills and gain knowledge (knowing), while learning the ropes when they are in action (doing) with the goal of being a good role model and concern citizen (being).

  • Every child is a leader 
  • Multiple tiers of leadership roles and opportunities
  • Every child a keen learner 
  • Multiple training opportunities for student leaders
  • Every child a service leader 
  • Multiple platforms for leaders to be in action


Key Programmes

Prefectorial Board

CCA Leaders

Class Committee


1. Mentorship Workshop (P6)

- Introduction to mentorship and mentor the P3 – P5 prefects in their roles and duties.

- Encourage student-initiated projects to serve and contribute back to the school.

2. Day Camp (P5)

- One day leadership training camp to foster closer bonds.

- Foster a community of student leaders.  

3. Enrichment Workshop (P4)

- Introductory leadership workshop

- Learn how to manage and build positive team dynamics

4. Prefect Duties  (P3)

- Learn the daily operational procedures in school.

- Advise peers on pre-existing safety precautions


Level-initiated programmes

P3 – P5

1. Festive Celebration Message Boards

2. National Education Message Boards


1. Event planning, management and execution 

2. Sharing on local/regional/global issues


1. CCA Leaders Workshop

- Motivates the student leaders to persevere and strive for excellence in their CCA.

- Foster a community of CCA leaders.

- Impart skills and knowledge as student leaders in the CCA (this is CCA-specific).

2. CCA administration

- Learn the operational procedures in the CCA.

- Assist the teachers and lead the team in various CCA related activities.


Student-initiated programmes

1. Upper Primary Sports Day

- Table manager

- Umpire

- Timekeepers

2. Lower Primary Sports Day

- Table manager

- Umpire

- Timekeepers



1. Situational Awareness & Management

2. Civic-mindedness & Values

Upper Primary

1. Conflict management and resolution

Lower Primary

1. Time Management

2. Stress Management


Emergency preparedness

1. Evacuation routes and procedures

2. Safety precautions in classrooms and special rooms

Student Leadership Camp

1. Build a community of student leaders across various discipline

2. Build and strengthen Social and Emotional skills and competencies

3. Build positive Teacher-Student relationships