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AGPS Partnership Framework



To nurture partnerships that enhances and supports the community of gracious and aspiring learners through collaborations, experiences and community involvement.

Principles of Partnership:

1. Purpose: 
To have a common purpose between school and partners. It is important to remember the purpose of how partners can help improve pupils’ holistic development.
2. Trust: 
To brainstorm and design a partnership protocol with school and partners, which includes reflecting on the vision, mission and processes in the partnership.
3. Commitment: 
To each other’s goals. Both school and partners have to ensure that actions are taken to ensure purposeful and sustainability of the project.
4. Open to feedback: 
Good communication allows school and partners to be open to improvement which can be made after or during the project. Successful communication will ensure sustainability of the partner.

Areas of partnership:

  1. Support programmes
  2. Share expertise and networks
  3. Provide inputs on improving school programmes/ innovations/ policies

Parent Support Group (PSG)


Building on Trust, Partnering as One

Home, school and the community are three important aspects of a child’s growth. Positive influences from these three aspects will create a better learning and holistic growing environment for the child. Thus, it is important for us to collaborate and support one another.   

Our Vision

“Every Parent, a Supportive Partner” 
The PSG aims to support and collaborate actively to the school’s activities and provide a holistic growing environment for the children.


exco team.png

Our Roles

PSG Members 

Provide support for activities conducted by the school which enhance pupils’ welfare and growth. 
Collaborate on activities to enrich pupils’ learning. 
Support other parents in understanding their children’s academics performance and/or behaviour.


Liaise with members on date and outline of programmes/activities. 
Involve in the planning of special events such as festive celebrations. 
Provide advice and support to members on programmes/activities. 

Exco Team 2017_Group Photo.jpg

PSG Involvement

Training of PSG members on P1 Water Education Programme 
Morning/Dismissal Traffic Duty 
Reading program 
Lower and Upper Primary Sports Day 
Lifeskills Programme
Green Club Recycling Programme 
Science Challenge 
Music and Art Appreciation (MAC)

Our PSG Members in Action 









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Partnerships (2).JPG

Partnerships (3).JPG

Partnerships (4).JPG

Join our AGPS PSG Family now! 
1. Please click on the google link and fill in your details. 

2. Download the Membership Form and hand it over to any of our school staff. 

We look forward to a fulfilling partnership with you! 

External Agencies

National Environment Agency (NEA)
Anchor Green Primary launched the Food Waste Minimisation Programme to educate our students on the needs to minimise food waste. As part of the school’s efforts in supporting NEA’s initiative in commemorating the Youth for the Environment Day (YED), our environment ambassadors were out at the canteen to “catch” students who practise the good habit of cleaning their plates and not wasting food through our AGPS Instagram. Students were recognised for their efforts in doing their parts for the environment through special mentioning during our assembly programme. 

Public Utilities Board (PUB)
In supporting the National Water Agency (PUB) Active, Beautiful and Clean Waters (ABC) Programme, Anchor Green Primary has adopted the Sengkang Reservoir and designed a learning trail for Singapore’s first man-made floating wetlands to encourage the pre-schoolers and our lower primary students learn and appreciate more about the natural habitats at the wetlands. This is in alignment to the school’s Learning for Life Programme (LLP), called Serve and Lead through Environmental EduCation (SLEEC) where our students contributed back to the society through leading and conducting the trail for the lower primary students and pre-schoolers in the neighbourhood. 

*Students conducting the trail to our P1 students at the Sengkang Floating Wetland

BROTHER International
Anchor Green Primary collaborated with BROTHER International to conduct a cycling cum litter picking trail along the Punggol Waterways in support of the World Water Day event. 


National Library Board (NLB)
- Promote and cultivate pupil interest in reading by inviting them for story-telling and NLB mas borrowing session each semester


Anchor Green Primary has partnered IKEA Tampines to promote environmental awareness amongst the public through the Corporate and Schools Partnership Programme. (CASP) Through this programme, the school reuses the leftover fabrics provided by IKEA and makes into bookmarks with the environmental theme on food waste minimisation written. The school worked with IKEA Tampines to set up a booth at their premise whereby our students helped to spread the environmental messages to the public through selling of the bookmarks.  


*Students, parent volunteers and teachers carrying out the environmental outreach at IKEA Tampines to raise environmental awareness of the 3Rs (Waste Minimisation) 

National Arts Council
- Promote awareness and appreciation in the Arts

Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources (MEWR)
Providing support, such as workshops, in promoting Health Week 2016 in AGPS
In support of the Sustainable Singapore Blueprint (SSB), Anchor Green Primary has worked with the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resource (MEWR) to co-brand the Sustainable Singapore Movement (SSM) with the school’s environmental activities. This is in alignment to the school’s Learning for Life Programme (LLP), called Serve and Lead through Environmental EduCation (SLEEC) Programme where we encourage our students to carry out environmental activities which are aligned to the 5 environmental themes under the SSB. 
Supported by: 

Climate Action 2018 logo (As of Jan 2018).jpg

Health Promotion Board (HPB)
- Providing support, such as workshops, in promoting Health Week in AGPS

National Kidney Foundation (NKF)
- Providing support, such as workshops, in promoting Health Week in AGPS

Singapore Heart Foundation (SHF)
Blood pressure outreach P4


Fei Yue Community Services
  • Celebrating SG50 National Day with the elderly
  • Teaching of elderly on computer skills.