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Recycling Programme @AGPS


Recycling @ AGPS Programme

The Recycling @ AGPS has been one of the school’s signature SLEEC programmes since the school started in 2008. The objectives of the programme are to inculcate in our students the values of conserving our environment through practicing the 3Rs and get them to spread the environmental messages to their family and friends.

This year, the EE Committee has rolled out the programme branching out in three broad areas:

1. Recycling within the Classroom

All classes are encouraged to set up a Recycling Corner within the classes. We hope students will be constantly reminded to practice the 3Rs through setting up of the class recycling corner. We also hope our students can take the ownership in keeping their classroom clean.

 Recycling corner within the class pic.jpg

Recycling corner within the class

2. At the Canteen

During recess, many pupils were observed to consume drinks at the canteen and discarding the bottles and Tetra Pak into the waste bins. Instead of throwing the bottles and Tetra Pak away, we hope students can recycle the emptied bottles as well as the Tetra Pak.

Hence, the EE Committee has set up a set of new collection bins for the plastic drink bottles set up near the canteen with a basketball loop on top of each recycling bins. We also encourage students to recycle their Tetra Pak by placing them in the Tetra Pak bins.

 Recycling bins at AGPS.jpg

3. Recycling form Home

This year, the school has leverage on the house system in the school by having 4 coloured bins placed near the school main gate. Each coloured bin represents the house colour which the students across levels are in. There are 4 house colour display charts placed next to the bin to indicate the actively participation of recycling from students in that particular house.  The EE Committee hopes the displaying of the contribution made by the students of each house colour would engage them and motivate them to contribute even more actively in recycling.

Together with the empty drinks bottles collected in the canteen daily, SembCorp match the total amount of recyclables collected by donating a sum of money to the school to help support our less privileged pupils.

We would like to take this opportunity to encourage your child to support our Recycling @ AGPS Programme by playing a more actively role in practising the 3Rs.

 New Recycling bins around AGPS.jpg