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Project Buddy Clean

Project Buddy Clean is a school cleaning programme that aims to foster a greater sense of shared responsibility for the school's cleanliness and respect for the school cleaners. Through interviews with the school cleaner, reflection sessions and writing cards of appreciation, senior pupils learn the challenges of keeping the school clean and develop a deeper sense of ownership of the school’s cleanliness.

In the second part of the programme, senior pupils share with junior pupils the importance of school cleanliness and mentor them on effective cleaning procedures as they work together to clean the school. Seniors have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and social-emotional competencies as they interact with the juniors. On April 4 2016 (Monday), the Primary 4 level pupils buddied the Primary 2 level pupils for a fruitful and fun cleaning session after school from 2.30 pm to 3.30 pm.

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Cleaning in Progress