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Total Defence Day 2017

AGPS commemorated Total Defence Day (TDD) on 15 February and this year’s theme is “Together, We Keep Singapore Strong”. The school organised a series of events to help pupils understand the significance of this occasion. Firstly, pupils were engaged in a school wide TDD Poster Design Competition where they were tasked to create a poster in line with this year’s theme and pupils had the opportunity to vote for the best designed poster for each level. 

We organised a performance entitled “Pieces of You, Pieces of Me" during the TDD Assembly programme. This skit served as a reminder to all pupils about the effort that everyone has a role to play in defending our nation and way of life. During recess, Anchorlites also had the opportunity to learn about First Aid skills at our First-Aid booths. They had tremendous fun dressing up as uniformed personnel such as SCDF officers, police officers and nurses during our Wefie session.

The highlight of the TDD experience giving our pupils a glimpse of how difficult life was during the Japanese Occupation. Pupils were given a bowl of sweet potato porridge and a bottle of NEWater for recess to understand how our forefathers got by when food was scarce. In class, fans were switched off for half an hour to simulate how disruptive life could be if we succumb to external threats. We hope that these school-wide and classroom learning experiences help our pupils understand the importance of defending Singapore and how Together, We can keep Singapore Strong!  


“Pieces of You, Pieces of Me"


Let’s vote for our favourite poster!


Our ‘satisfied’ victim at the First Aid Booth


Arm slings and head bandages


It’s a joy to have yummy sweet potato porridge with a friend!


Together We Keep Singapore Strong!