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National Education

Total Defence Day

The school commemorated Total Defence Day over a period of two weeks in February. A variety of activities in line with this year’s TDD theme, Our SAF: Giving Strength to Our Nation, was prepared to provide students an experiential learning. Students got to watch a skit which took them through Singapore’s past featuring well-known historical and local personalities. Boiled sweet potatoes and new water were distributed to every student during recess and classroom fans were switched off during lessons for half an hour. These allowed our students to experience what our fore-fathers had gone through during the Japanese Occupation when resources were scarce. It was an enriching experience for every student which was evident in their reflections they had penned down.
The Junior Civil Defence Lionhearter reading out the Total Defence Day message.
Pupils trying out the sweet potato during recess…



Parent Volunteers assisting in serving our pupils with boiled sweet potatoes…
Pupils writing reflections about their experiences and thoughts at the TDD Booth during recess…

Pupils’ reflections at the school canteen… Total Defence: Because You Played A Part


Thumbs Up International programme

The Thumbs Up International programme is specially catered for our International pupils. Character and Citizenship Education Department has activities designed every semester for the international pupils and their local buddy. The aim of the programme is to create a platform for International pupils to integrate with the local pupils by enhancing international pupils’ understanding of the multi-racial and cultural aspects of Singapore. Last semester, there were sharing on different cultures and hands on in making the local delights. Pupils tasted the food and gave thumbs up for the programme. Parents provided a helping hand to make this programme a success.
Thumbs up (1).JPG
Thumbs up (2).JPG
Thumbs up (3).JPG
Thumbs up (4).JPG